The Enemy Of The Envıronment Is Mankınd

The Enemy Of The Envıronment Is Mankınd


✓ The area where people live their lives is called the environment.
✓ Environment; The village, neighborhood, city we live in, the sea, plain, mountain we are near, in short, everywhere.
✓ Whether our environment is clean or beautiful depends entirely on us. If we keep our environment clean, protected, and beautified, we will have the opportunity to live in a beautiful and clean environment and become healthier people.
✓ However, if we do not give importance to the environment and throw our garbage and waste randomly on the ground, we will have to live in a dirty environment and this situation will even endanger our health.  
✓ We must protect our environment. Only us in living spaces We do not live. Just as we always keep our surroundings clean. If we want to see it, other people want the same.
✓ Therefore, it is our duty to protect the environment. How In some areas of our travels (toilet etc.)  is it with the phrase "leave it the way you want to see it" we are a nation that understands what kind of life it wants.
✓ Why do we turn our back when we can make life more beautiful? How environmentally friendly are we when we go to picnic areas? Or how much do we contribute? How clean can we keep our environment?
✓ We don't just pollute the land. Our seas are in the same situation and are full of human waste.


✓ With environmental massacre, humans actually prepare their own end. Clean water resources, clean air space, etc. We will soon be deprived of possibility, but is there any human being who is aware of this?



✓ I remember when I was a child, how nice our elders thought.

''If you take care of it, it will become a vineyard; if you neglect it, it will become a wasteland ''


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Arslan Çiftçi
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Şirin Aydın (Human Resources Officer)
Merve Zengin Karagöz (OHS specialist)