Based on its technological vision, KBS made an investment to a completly different field of its sector and started to lead many inovative projects.

“We are talking about a living, intelligent house concept designed in a very different perspective, creating its own enegy.”

KBSolar is a technological project initiated by KBS with a vision to revolutionize the concept of a house by integrating intelligent, sustainable energy solutions. This innovative project focuses on creating a living, intelligent house that generates its own energy while minimizing energy consumption.

The design and construction of KBSolar incorporate meticulous calculations to ensure optimal utilization of solar energy specific to the building site. As a testament to its sustainability, the project has obtained a LEED GOLD certificate, highlighting its commitment to green building practices.

The core principle of KBSolar revolves around capturing and storing electrical energy from the sun during daylight hours, which is then utilized for heating purposes. The house's temperature control and illumination are intelligently regulated by sensors, following predefined scenarios. Users can conveniently manage the house's atmosphere, including heating, air conditioning, and lighting, through a mobile application or a centralized system.

KBSolar, as a smart and eco-friendly wooden house, serves as an exemplary model for individual investors seeking energy-efficient solutions for their own residential properties. Additionally, it appeals to municipalities, builders, and project managers from diverse sectors who are interested in constructing sustainable living spaces with shared areas. By promoting the use of renewable energy on a larger scale, KBSolar contributes significantly to the widespread adoption of reusable energy sources.

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